2009-D Lincoln Cent (LP1 Birth and Childhood) Original Bank Wrapped (OBW) BU Roll

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Reference Item Number: obw2009dlp1

This is an original bank wrapped roll of uncirculated Lincoln cents. Because the roll is an original roll, I have no idea what is inside the roll. Anything from blazing superb gem coins to spots to errors or varieties are possible. Therefore, I give NO guarantee to the contents of the roll, and once opened or tampered with, they are not returnable for any reason.

Additionally, OBW (Original Bank Wrapped) in the context of how we use it means that the roll is an original source roll wrapped either by a bank, Federal Reserve Branch, or perhaps an armored carrier. It means that to our knowledge, the roll has remained sealed since the year of issue. It does NOT imply any specific words on the wrapper (unless specified), and there are no specific guarantees of what kind of wrapper in which the roll will come. The images in this item are an example of what was in stock at that time.

The following image represents a number of examples (yet not all possible examples) of the many flavors of wrappers these rolls may come in when you purchase them. 

There are literally dozens of different possible original wrappers used at different times through the history of the Lincoln cent. We are aware of this history and are relatively certain that the wrapper style you will receive matches for the time period from which we claim the coins to have been wrapped.

As a seller I believe in full disclosure by way of a detailed description and large, clear photographs when warranted, but many less expensive and bulk items make more sense to carry with 'sample' photographs rather than photographing each individual lot sold. For that reason, if the description above specifies that a stock image is used, be aware that the items you will receive are in like kind to the images provided, but WILL NOT be the exact same items.

Charles D. Daughtrey is the founder and owner of coppercoins and has been a specialist in the Lincoln cent for more than 40 years. He is the author and developer of the attribution system now used across the Lincoln cent die variety market commonly known as the "coppercoins die attribution system" for die varieties such as doubled dies and repunched mintmarks. He is the author of, "Looking Through Lincoln Cents, a Chronology of a Series," and is a member of the Numismatic Literary Guild, the American Numismatic Association, Florida United Numismatists, and the Central States Numismatic Society as well as other local and national numismatic clubs.

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