OBW Roll Reveal

Buy coins in original sealed rolls that have never been opened, and watch LIVE as owner Chuck Daughtrey searches through the roll to tell you exactly what you have purchased. Chances of doubled dies, repunched mint marks, high grade coins and much more exist in every roll opened!

Check the schedule below, then find the item to purchase your coins in these exciting roll reveals! All purchases must be made prior to one hour before the scheduled broadcast time for each roll.

 OBW Roll Reveal Broadcast Times (events will be added as scheduled)

#004 - 1955-S San Fran "Crocker FNB" OBW Roll Thu. 09/26 @ 5pm ET
#005 - 1964-P Original Bank Wrapped Roll Fri. 09/27 @ 5pm ET
#006 - 1968-D St. Louis Fed Reserve OBW Roll Mon. 09/30 @ 4pm ET
#007 - 1960-D Original bank Wrapped Roll Wed. 10/02 @ 5pm ET

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